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I have a history of working and living in two countries, Russia and the UK. The first part of my professional career was an academic in Russia and second is business in the UK. What I have learned over the years is that the process of achieving a success is the same wherever you live and work. I was blessed to have good mentors in my life that taught me a lot and helped me to move forward. However, the career path wasn’t without hiccups. Looking back at those turns and twists in my career I realise that they were the learning curves in the success I have today. I think what I would want to pass on to the young professionals is to take challenging situations as learning curves rather than failure. There is no such thing as failure; if things are not going as you planned them you just learned that you need to take a different approach. Life is really a school and you never finish learning! To have a successful career I believe it is important to do what you love doing. I have been a recruitment consultant for many years and helped hundreds of people to carve their career. It is very satisfying to help a person to identify his/her strengths and preferences in life and to navigate them to achieve their goals both in life and career. I have been working with many ladies in legal and financial profession and at times being just a professional not enough, some of them have families, children others want a family and be successful at both and people occasionally face serious decisions to make. I love sharing knowledge and wisdom how it is possible to have a career, and a family and a hobby and anything else, indeed it attainable!

Венера Салбиева

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02.02.2012 — present, VS Executive Search Ltd. (UK), Director

4.03.2013 — 31.01.2014, Eximius Group, Principle Consultant

02.04.2010 — 03.11.2011, Shilton Sharpe Quarry (SSQ)

19.03.2007 — 01.01.2010, Global Resource Solutions Ltd(GRS), Associate Consultant specialising in legal

4.08.03 — 30.03.2007, Marcus Evans Ltd, London, Sales Executive

2.04.2002 — 30.11.2002, RF/RL (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty), London, Broadcaster